About the Library

Fun Fact:

The bricks in our entry way have the names of people or organizations who donated money to our rebuilding fund.  In 1997, our library building was destroyed in a major flood.  The building was located on Second Street – around where the flood wall is currently located.  We received our first donation for a new library 3 days after we were evacuated from the city.  It came from Retired US Navy Captain H C Hunter from Pearl City, HI who wrote in and said that he saw we had been flooded and that every city needs a public library and enclosed a check for $200.  

A bronze book on a brick is a $500 donation, silver $1000, and gold is $2000 or more.  This building was built and opened in 2001.  The floor of this building is a foot and a half higher than the height the flood waters reached on Second Street. The current building was completed in 2001.