Campaign Sign Information

Minnesota Department of Transportation Information on Campaign Signs

See the information from the Minnesota Department of Transportation in its entirety. They do prohibit advertising devices on the following:

  • on private land without the consent of the owner or occupant
  • on public utility poles
  • on trees or shrubs
  • by painting or drawing on rocks or natural features

State law also prohibits the placement of signs in the highway right-of-way which applies to all state, county, city, and township roads and highways.

2022 Political Signs

Time Period for Display of Political Signs

Under the Land Usage section of the City Code, specifically Section 152.395 Exempt Signs Subd Q - campaign signs are exempt from needing a sign permit. It is this section that also states political signs may be posted in a general election year and that these signs may be kept up until 10 days after the General Election. For the 2022 election period political signs can be put up beginning June 24, 2022 and need to be taken down by November 18, 2022.

Size Limitations

It is this same section that also restricts the size of political signs. Political signs are limited to 5 square feet and a 4 foot height.

Election Signs are Not Allowed on public streets or City Owned Property

Do not place signs on public right-of-way areas.

Do not place signs on publicly owned properties.

Do not affix signs to utility boxes, poles, street signs, or lights.