1. Census Worker Recruitment at Campbell Library on January 27th from 3pm to 6pm

    Anyone interested in becoming a census worker can apply with a member of the US Census Bureau on Monday, January 27th between 3pm and 6pm at the Campbell Library. They will have information about the $19 per hour job and eligibility requirements.
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  1. January 27

    Tutoring Open to students of all ages. Bring your study materials!
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  2. January 27

    Ultimate Team Up Party Captain Underpants and Dogman – puzzles, games and more. Grades K-5.
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  3. January 28

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  1. Information on Local Sales & Use Tax

    Currently there is a 1% local sales and use tax in place in East Grand Forks to pay for the city swimming pool renovations. Please visit the local sales and use tax page for more information. This is the link to the sales and use tax page.
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